GPS Scatterometry

Signals-of-Opportunity (SoP) are those signals already exist giving us an opportunity to use them for a secondary purpose rather than the main application defined for them. GPS signals are among SoPs since they’re basically developed for positioning purposes but can be used for remote sensing purposes.

Studying “reflected GPS Signals” off any surface reflecting GPS signals is GPS-Reflectometry. Soil, snow, plants, ice, oceans, and permafrost are just some examples.

GPS-Scatterometrists are interested in collecting these reflections by reflectometry sensors designed as ground-based antennas or aerial/spacial payloads.

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Who Are We?

Yusof Ghiasi

Having a geodesy background, GPSCAT founder pursued his geomatics journey by entering a grad program of geography at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 2019. As a part of Global Water Future – Transformative sensor Technologies and Smart Watersheds (GWF – TTSW). Yusof is currently doing his Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Claude Duguay at the University of Waterloo.