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Application of GNSS-R for wetlands mapping using the Android phone device and u-blox GNSS module

Helicopters and low-cost Android GPS receivers can be a promissing tool for wetland remote sensing. Lazar Jeftic, the R&D specialist at Vojvodjanska privredna avijacija, Ciklonizacija Logistika – Novi Sad, AP Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia has more for us Wetlands are areas that are inundated or saturated either permanently or intermittently and support vegetation types that… More

GIRAS; a GNSS-IR Analysis Software

Recently, a GNSS-IR analysis software has been published online offering a handy graphical user interface, which tends to become a popular alternative to existing software packages and tools. This MATLAB-based open-source software package is GIRAS. GNSS-IR has become a robust method to extract the characteristic environmental features of reflected surfaces, in which, fluctuations in the… More

Improving GNSS-R ability in mean sea level measurement; a new paper on Turkish Mediterranean coast

GNSS antennas are designed to suppress the reflected signal before it reaches the antenna. However, some of the reflected signals interfere with the direct signal, leading to a multipath effect in the GNSS observations. Reflected signals are used in many remote sensing applications. The determination of sea level variations is also included in these applications.… More